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gin vida sprays

gin vida sprays

People have been adding bitters to drinks for hundreds of years. Initially as a tonic or medicine, but from the 1800's as a flavour to enhance drinks.

Bitters the salt and pepper of a cocktail they add that extra touch of flavour and balance. The bitter sweet strong aromas and flavours complement the sweetness of cocktails.

Gin Vida takes this to a new level by using an atomised spray of highly concentrated bitters directly into the top of your glass, releasing a wonderful burst of aromas. Each Bitter has is base in the key botanicals of Juniper, Coriander, Angelica Root and Liquurice.

Our hand crafted small batch bitters are made using high strength neutral alcohol ensuring the aromas and flavours are kept fresh.     We do not add natural colourings, glyericne, any e numbers or preservations preferring to keep our products completly natural.

Each bottle contains up to 200 sprays and we recommend 1 to 2 per drink (for a stronger flavour add more). Individual Bitters can be mixed  and matched  to create totally different aromas and flavours.  Aromas typically last 10-15 mins, although the subtle flavour and bitterness stays and improves your whole drink.

Gin Vida can also be used in culinary dishes, mocktails and with other spirits.

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